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Our goals for every customer:

To assist you in finding your New Home.

To give you the Best Value we can create.

That is why We are "The People Helping People"  


We will help you find a new home that you will love.  We aim to give you great market value.  We can help just about anyone with obtaining financing.  Whether you have had a foreclosure, filed bankruptcy (as soon as it is discharged), have bad credit (with as low as a 500 credit score) or have no credit, we have an avenue for you to purchase your home.  

Our financing options DO NOT HAVE mortgage insurance, OR prepayment penalties.  Beyond your down payment you will have no out of pocket closing costs.


                         Once you find "The One" we work tirelessly to provide a superior home               

purchasing experience on a low cost, high value home. 


  Call us today to learn more:   Loan Processing call Carrie at 352-262-5200                                                                                                                         

   For Homes on Land Sales call Carissa 352-359-7014, Carrie 352-262-5200 or JB 352-275-8857                                                                                                              

   Service call JB 352-275-8857




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